Carpet Stretching, Cleaning, and Repair

POWER STRETCHING: Carpet Mills and Manufacturers require the use of POWER STRETCHING equipment to properly install carpets. Beware of installers that only use a small knee bumper device for installing rooms. Knee bumpers or kickers are only designed for small closets or steps.

GUARANTEED RESULTS: Acclaimed Restorations Guarantees stretching for a minimum of 5 years for most carpets. We also offer a lifetime guarantee if desired. We have been in business for over 35 years.

WHITE HOUSE QUALITY CARPET CLEANING: Acclaimed uses the same method in your house that we use in The White House and The Pentagon to ensure your carpets are clean and sanitized. We use safe detergents with balanced ph to properly clean specialty high value rugs, carpets, and upholstery. Using the wrong chemicals, will damage and shorten the life of your valuable rugs, carpets, and upholstery. Proper cleaning will rejuvenate and brighten your rugs allowing them to last for a lifetime.

CARPET STRETCHING & REPAIR: We use top of the line power stretching equipment to remove carpet wrinkles, lumps, waves, bulges, and to ensure that your carpet does not come loose again. Since 1977, we have provided superior service to over 10,000 customers throughout Northern Virginia. Acclaimed also provides carpet patching service and seam repair.

FLOOD DAMAGED CARPETS: Acclaimed installs new pad and reinstalls carpet. We also sell and install new carpet. We also fix loose carpet on stairs.

24/7 EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE SERVICE: Call us night or day for water emergencies. We call and bill your insurance company for you. We are a full service company. We repair all damage caused by the flood.

PETSPOT AND ODOR REMOVAL: Top of the line service for all pet accidents

Our Services Include: